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Delphy BV

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Delphy is a leading, independent advisory and research SME focused in the primary agricultural sectors, with strong international activity. Delphy creates added value for its clients through the continuous marketing of innovative services and products, including latest developments in the field of cultivation and farm management, international consultancy and practical advice on all aspects that influence the profitability and quality of the production to ensure the success of their business. Delphy also creates added value through training, capacity building and knowledge development of the growers. In addition, by combining the knowledge and expertise of researchers and advisors working in the different vegetative sectors, the company has the versatility and flexibility to perform applied research and initiate innovative developments aiming at solving practical issues and generating knowledge directly applicable in Delphy client’s farms. Delphy employs 220 consultants and researchers in its headquarters in Wageningen (The Netherlands). While the core of the company is placed in Europe, Delphy is currently working towards developing new markets in Russia, Poland, Eastern and South Africa, Southeast Asia and Latin America. This global presence has enabled DELPHY to have more than 9500 clients in more than 55 countries worldwide.

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