Bioinformatics pipelines development for virome classification

Grigorii Sukhorukov / Bordeaux Bioinformatics Center

Grigorii Sukhorukov

Young Jedi mastering forces of plant bioinformatics


My undergrad years I spent studying the chemistry and materials science at Moscow State University. Later on, I was presented with an opportunity to change my scientific focus and pursue master degree in Life Sciences at Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technologies. My thesis was dedicated to the recombination search in the tick-borne encephalitis virus, an important human pathogen. Shortly after my thesis defense INEXTVIR came knocking on the door and that is the end and the new beginning :^)

In my spare time I try to do many things but all not very successfully. I love reading books especially history ones, I do yoga regularly, and currently I try my hands at playing guitar and electronic music. The life is so interesting so I invite you to discuss with me any of its aspects!