Water as an important indicator of circulating plant viruses

Olivera Maksimovic / Jožef Stefan International Postgraduate School

Olivera Maksimovic


As I come for a food technology background, during my Master’s degree studies I have taken interest in food safety, especially foodborne viruses. This led me to work on establishment of a foodborne virus laboratory “from scratch” in the UK. I specifically worked with hepatitis E virus, which allowed me grasp the concept of One Health that I believe to be crucial for future biological studies. As I do not come from a strictly biology background, I bring a different perspective to the table, that makes us all as a team more diverse and capable of creative thinking.

I have been dancing actively from early childhood and I still do as much as time allows. My two dogs take the rest of my free time as they are very active so we often go on hikes or bike rides exploring amazing nature in Slovenia.