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Cont-ID: Detection of samples cross-contamination in viral metagenomic data

Johan Rollin*1,2, Wei Rong*1 and Sébastien Massart1. 1. University of Liège, Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech, Plant Pathology Laboratory, 5030, Gembloux, Belgium 2. DNAVision, 6041, Gosselies, Belgium. *These authors contributed equally to this work. Conclusions: Cross-contamination between samples when detecting viruses using HTS can be monitored and highlighted by Cont-ID (provided an alien control is present). Cont-ID is based on a flexible methodology relying on the output of bioinformatics analyses of the sequencing reads and considering the contamination pattern specific to each batch of samples. The Cont-ID method is adaptable so that each laboratory can optimise it before its validation and routine use.

Results: We present Cont-ID, a bioinformatic tool designed to check for cross-contamination by analysing the relative abundance of virus sequencing reads identified in sequence metagenomic datasets and their duplication between samples. Using 273 real datasets, including 68 virus species from different hosts (fruit tree, plant, human) and several library preparation protocols (Ribodepleted total RNA, small RNA and double stranded RNA), we demonstrated that Cont-ID classifies with high accuracy (91%) viral species detection into (true) infection or (cross) contamination.

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