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INEXTVIR Mid-Term Check + Network Meeting 2 + School 2

INEXTVIR Mid-Term Check + Network Meeting 2 + School 2, will be held on line between September 21st and September 25ht, 2020. This meeting was scheduled to be celebrated in Madrid, however following the evolution of the COVID 19 pandemic and the current situation, it is being held on line.

INEXTVIR participant organizations as well as External Advisory Board together with the REA project officer will get together to review the project status, its achievements and special cases. It will also include ESR fellows individual project presentations. School 2 will followed including on one side lectures on virus diversity given by Prof. Fernando García Arenal (UPM- CBGP, Madrid) and on the other side a course on innovation by Prof. Antonio Molina (UPM-CBGP, Madrid).

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