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Complete genome sequence of malva-associated soymovirus 1: a novel virus infecting common mallow

Maachi, A. ; Hernando, Y. ; Aranda, M.A. ; Donaire, L. Virus Genes, April 2022 | doi: 10.1007/s11262-022-01900-0 In this work, a novel viral genomic sequence with a gene organization typical of members of the genus Soymovirus was identified using high-throughput sequencing data from common mallow. This species is a vigorous wild weed native to the Mediterranean region, commonly found in borders and edges of cultivated fields, making it a suitable reservoir for plant pests and pathogens.

Indeed, plant viruses belonging to different genera have been previously found infecting common malva. This new viral genome consists of a single molecule of circular double-stranded DNA of 8391 base pairs and contains eight open reading frames encoding polymerase, movement, coat, translational transactivator protein typical of caulimoviruses, and four hypothetical proteins. Phylogenetic and pairwise distance analyses showed its close relationship with soybean chlorotic mottle virus. Interestingly, a small intergenic region was detected between ORFs Ib and II. Based on the demarcation criteria of the genus Soymovirus, the new virus, provisionally named malva-associated soymovirus 1, could be a member of a new species Soymovirus masolus. To our knowledge, this is the first report of a soymovirus infecting common mallow.

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