Survey of the impact of cultural practices on the virome of vegetable production systems and effect on sustainability

Coline Temple / Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech - Université de Liège

Project description

The focus of my project is to evaluate the perception of vegetable growers who cultivate a variety of organic crops on small surface regarding plant diseases. This evaluation will be supplemented by a laboratory analysis (HTS) of the viruses present in the crops and by biological characterization of viruses of interest. Thus, I am working on the characterization of the Physostegia chlorotic mottle virus (PhCMoV), an emergent virus identified by HTS, in order to better assess its associated viral disease risk.

Project goals

My specific objective are :

- To assess the farmer’s perception of the diseases of 2 cultivated species of interest and what is the disease’s impact on production.

- To analyze what viruses are present in the fields and if the results can be related to the farmers perception and to their agricultural practices

- To characterize a newly identified virus (PhCMoV) in collaboration with other European laboratories